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Suction Excavation is the process of removing debris such as earth and other substrates, including tarmac surfaces that are pre-cut and peckered, by means of a high performance vacuum suction unit such as the Dino 3’s used by Dig Safe Suction Excavations.


These suction excavators are suitable in a variety of applications where large volumes of dry and/or wet material have to be removed in a safe, clean and controlled manner. using a standard 300mm inlet hose and optional plastic/ metal chutes or chute connections to other rigid or flexible pipe extensions (allowing greater suction depth or distance). On-board storage of approx. 5 m³ (10 tonne) loads provides a far more efficient way of managing waste material and debris that can then be later tipped in designated areas onsite for larger muck-away recycling. The suction excavator units also allow multiple airline capability servicing air lances, jack hammers and other loosening tools to carry out the various applications.


Major Advantages


Suction Excavation is now widely recognised as the safest way to expose and excavate around existing utilities reducing the risk of using more abrasive/ damaging methods such as machine excavator’s, or indeed shovels! Not only is it safer, it –

      minimises damage to the workspace and environment

      avoids damage to trees and greenery as the suction excavator does not dig or drag through the ground……. as with a traditional machine excavator

      reduces re-instatements works

      is tidier for the end customer…typically the public.

      work is completed much more efficiently - Time and time again our clients have proven the suction excavation approach to be much quicker and hugely cost effective, helping to bring projects in on time…..or often ahead of schedule!

      Avoids the pain and cost associated with service strikes, particularly when penalties come into play

Suction Excavation – ‘The Process’


Here’s a short video from the manufacturer of our equipment, demonstrating how the process of suction excavation works and some of the extra features that are available for specific uses

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