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In providing suction excavator and operator hire the majority of our work is assisting utilities contractors on services replacement schemes or with civil engineering firms on motorway maintenance and other major improvement schemes. However, due to our versatility, we are happy to assist you on a wide range of applications, such as;


      Removal of concrete debris during hydro-demolition

      Vacuuming of gravel or silt…….even in shafts or holding tanks with limited access

      Trial holes proving service locations prior to major road or earthworks

      Column holes for lampposts

      Barrier and fencing post holes


      Safe excavation of domestic utilities

      Debris removal

      Transportation of materials from hard to get to locations, for example Cellars, Bridge Sides.

      Major utility excavation of highways.

      Cleaning SiH from canals SiH traps.

      Other varied civil tasks

      Excavation around damaged utilities

      Tree-planting in newly completed paving schemes or forecourts

      Digging out basements or pads for steelwork

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01206 879888