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Sewage Treatment Plants – Improvement Programmes


As a key player in the major re-development of waste water treatment plants across Southern England, our client calls upon our specialist services regularly throughout the programmes of works on various sites. Our task is to assist in safely excavating areas around the facilities for various purposes, including –


• Excavating bases for new plant equipment - where existing services are anticipated

• installing/ upgrading earthing straps

• power house upgrades

• new cabling trenches

• shaft excavation

• exposing existing services for re-routing/ upgrading purposes

• exposing existing sewer pipework – both on facility and within public highways

Water Utilities – Replacement/ Rehabilitation & Upgrade Projects


In conjunction with other activities in the water industry, our specialist excavation capabilities are called upon when traditional track or machine excavation equipment is deemed too high risk, or simply isn’t capable of working through trenches with heavily congested services and the alternative option is labour intensive manual digging

Gas Utilities – Main and Consumer Connection Replacement


As part of their on-going infrastructure replacement programmes we work alongside many gas utilities contractors operating on behalf of the gas networks providers, assisting in safely exposing the various services (Water, electric and telecommunications) buried alongside gas pipework.


On occasions, we are also called out to help manage emergency situations, such as gas leaks …. or indeed explosions

Civil Engineering – Motorway/ Highways Projects


Suction excavation is critical to civil engineering projects, such as ‘Smart’ Motorway upgrades, where there is a restricted area of work available due to the requirement to keep traffic flows live at all times. In these situations, the ability to limit the scale of excavation and mobility of having an on-board skip facility comes into its own, making it an extremely efficient and cost effective tool for this sector.

Civil Engineering & Construction – Trial Inspection Holes/ Slit Trenches/ Foundations


With suction excavator’s ability to remove narrow slots of ground material it can be used in various applications, particularly where there is a danger of unknown services being present or the ground conditions need to be established as part of preparatory engineering design works

Material removal – Aggregate Quarries, Agricultural


Removal of loose material/ silt from holding tanks, shafts, machinery and belts is achievable efficiently and cost effectively using this vacuum technology, saving operational downtime and in cases avoids project delays

Environmental – Coastal Defences


Another specialist project to assist one of our civil engineering clients in excavating an existing sheet pile sea wall for repair works

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01206 879888